Summer Fun with Beer Under the Sun!

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Summer is here and that means it’s time to get together with old friends and crack open a few brews. With almost breweries releasing their “Summer Beer” for 2013, I figured I would compose a list of a few of my personal favorite brews. Now, some of these beers are not seasonal, but just taste so dang good on a hot day!

Bottle of New Albion AleNew Albion Ale – Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) – Boston MA – 6.00% ABV

Samuel Adams hit gold with this beer! After a long 30 year hiatus, New Albion Ale is back in production. This rich, golden-colored ale provides a smell of grains and wheat with a hint of citrus. With its malt forward taste and a note of grassy hops towards the mid-palate this beer will leave you wanting more.

Anchor Summer Beer – Anchor Brewing Company – San Francisco CA – 4.60% ABV

This summer delight pours a beautiful golden color brew with the right amount of bubbles.  With a rich scent of lemon, clovers, and honey Bottle of Anchor Summer Beerthis crisp beer is a perfect companion for lounging around the pool or just hanging out at a BBQ. The lower alcohol of this beer won’t knock you down for the count or dehydrate you in the summer sun!

Bottle of Czech PilsnerCzech Pilsner – Pilsner Urquell  – Czech Republic – 4.40% ABV

If there is one thing the Czech got right, it’s their beer! Urqell means “the Ancient Source,” which is interesting since Pilsners are named after a town in the Czech Republic called Pilsen. This light bodied beauty has a grainy smell. Some have been known to call it a skunky smelling beer. In the taste (probably after letting it sit for a few minutes) you will find grains and grass and if you’ve trained your palate you may taste some citrus.

Hope you get a chance to try some of these fantastic beers.



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